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365 Days of Film
183. The Karate Kid

That is definitely Will Smith’s kid.


My heart wasn’t prepared for this moment.

365 Days of Film
179. Men in Black III

Mine as well….

I didn’t have any expectations so for me, the movie was decent.

365 Days of Film
153. Hitch

Never gets old.

365 Days of Film
118. Wild Wild West

Will Smith run on TBS…?

365 Days of Film
117. Men in Black II


I love Will Smith!

HAHAHA this is genius. If you find it funny, you deserve to repost it. 


Oscar for sam’s performance. 

365 Days of Film
13. I am Legend
Why do I do this to myself by re-watching sad movies?


Django Unchained: The Complete Guide

Guys, words cannot envelop how excited I am for this movie. 

I really liked when the Grammys caught Jada and Will Smith’s expression when their son was performing with Justin Bieber.