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365 Days of Film
244. Wanted

There it is. 

An unrealistic movie to say the least and it’s quite graphic, but I love the actors, the storyline, and the plot twist. 

I mean it was nominated for two Oscars - I guess that’s saying something even if it’s simply for sound. 

365 Days of Film
214. Kung Fu Panda

What a great way to start Thanksgiving.

365 Days of Film
70. Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Goodbye Jennifer.

365 Days of Film
60. Original Sin

Eh…I thought it was an interesting storyline. But, eh.

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The Best Halloween Costume of 2011

Redditor BeerGoggles69 nailed his screen name AND this costume.

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Is Angelina Jolie wearin them Hunters?

Gosh, my dream is to be apart of the Jolie-Pitt family. 

Invite me over to dinner sometime. Please. 

And isn’t she just the most precious baby ever? 

one of my favorite moments at the golden globes

Angelina Jolie fixing Brad’s bowtie. Cute.