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365 Days of Film
246. Mulan

Classic. Asian. Shang.

365 Days of Film
245. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

I always just like to pop in on this movie whenever it’s on television. It’s cool to see how the kids have grown. William Moseley (Peter), yep. Skander Keynes (Edmund), yep.

365 Days of Film
244. Wanted

There it is. 

An unrealistic movie to say the least and it’s quite graphic, but I love the actors, the storyline, and the plot twist. 

I mean it was nominated for two Oscars - I guess that’s saying something even if it’s simply for sound. 

365 Days of Film
243. Becoming Jane

I actually love this movie. The moment in the library, I die. This was kind of how my love for James McAvoy was nurtured.

I know it’s just average but the ending really does it for me -especially after watching Pride and Prejudice, and seeing how the two movies overlap. 

365 Days of Film
242. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

I fell asleep somewhere in the first half, so the beginning was uber long. It doesn’t really get interesting until they meet the goblins. I’ll probably finish this trilogy just to see Legolas in the third part. 

At one point, I wondered why the large eagles couldn’t have just taken them all the way…..

To end, Aidan Turner (Kili) was the closest thing to eye-candy in this film. 

365 Days of Film
241. Monster-in-Law

I enjoyed this movie! Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 16% but I thought it was funny - especially when he first calls Charlie. Definitely a chick flick. 

365 Days of Film
240. Your Highness

Couldn’t even begin to tell you how good Natalie Portman looked in Your Highness!! I love her. Super girl crush on Nat P. The part that got super weird was definitely the penis that hung from Danny McBride’s neck…actually alot of the fight scenes were just incredibly uncomfortable. 

In the end, I laughed. 

365 Days of Film
239. Bride Wars

It’s a nice movie to turn on as you knit a scarf. It’s mildly funny, and lots of shiny things to look at but there’s nothing sustainable beyond those two things. 

365 Days of Film
238. The Jungle Book

To be honest, I think I would have enjoyed this move as a child. But I watched it for the first time the other day, and a lot of the time I thought ‘what the hell’. Too cynical for a children’s movie? I don’t know, maybe. But sorry Disney, and sorry Jungle Book, you tried your best, I know. 

365 Days of Film
237. Pocahontas

An old favorite. I hate thinking about the second movie though…it taints the legitimacy of John and Pocahontas’ love in the first. 

After imdbing the movie, Christian Bale lent his voice to Thomas, and Mel Gibson to John Smith. 

365 Days of Film
236. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

A quirky movie. I kinda got bored in between some of the last fights ‘cause it was definitely repetitive. But it was cool seeing some familiar faces like Mae Whitman and Johnny Simmons from The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and Brie Larson from 21 Jump Street.

365 Days of Film
235. Definitely, Maybe

Cute little movie. Of course he ends up with the best friend. Shaking my head. 

365 Days of Film
234. How the Grinch Stole Christmas


Am I just eating because I’m bored? 

365 Days of Film
233. Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

When Legolas takes down the elephant, oh my.

365 Days of Film
232. In Her Shoes

Is it sad to think that I could slightly relate to the older sister? Except, I happen to be the moocher between my sister and I. And Simon is so precious! The grandma, Ella, is awesome. 

I wish I had a grandma that lived in Miami…and then I could become a personal shopper…lay out all day at a retirement community. That sounds like good living.

In my opinion, this movie is underrated.