365 Days of Film
173. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

It’s an awesome flick. I caught the prescreening with my friend, and we actually got to meet the director, and his mentor, who happened to be the writer of Rebel Without a Cause, Stewart Stern! Chbosky said the character Bill was a tribute to Stern, and their relationship was so beautiful that I teared up as Chbosky shared it.

Best part of the night was taking a picture with Stephen Chbosky…
His hand on my shoulder - that hand touched Logan Lerman’s at one point, ergo, Logan’s hand touched me. Yes.

I digress. The movie was a great watch but then again I got to watch it for free. Logan Lerman was a great Charlie, but Ezra Miller really stole the show as Patrick. He owned that role and really brought Patrick to life with his own zing. 

Emma Watson struggled with her accent a bit and she seemed a little awkward on screen. Nina Dobrev’s chemistry with Logan was a little off as well. 

Overall, Chbosky left out several parts of the book but it was done very nicely, and the Q & A session really helped clear up as to why he did. 

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